Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring, Lappeenranta and Battle Swiss Roll

Since the first day of spring it has snowed many times, as you can see by the photo. Some were light snows, some were quite heavy and windy. So here it is April, and the ground is still covered in snow. I didn't find it so strange until I found out that even in Canada, the snow is gone.

Welcome to Finland.

walking path

The other day I walked to S-Supermarket in Lehtomäki in search of Nutella. Since it snowed again, the walking paths were covered in snow again. S-Supermarket is the furthest market, with Siwa being about 5-10 minutes away and K-Supermarket being about 15-20. But it was a nice walk and I bought some snacks for the road for our trip to...Lappeenranta.

you are here
LUT logo
click photo to read sign. note the swedish also

Niko had to get a stamp for his ID card and get some books from the university library so we took a day trip to Lappeenranta. We took care of the stamp and books and then had some lunch at the university cafeteria. After that we drove closer in to the city, as the university is actually on the outskirts, and just wandered around, visited a cafe and then headed back. It was warm outside as you can see on the sign. +4C (39F). On the way back we stopped by an ABC (gas station with market inside) and we considered going on the swingset outside but decided there was too much snow.

i promise there are swings under the snow
In other news I decided to announce Iron Chef Finland (sorry, no such thing) and declare Battle Swiss Roll and try my own attempt at a swiss roll, but this time with Nutella, strawberry jam and bananas. I think it turned out ok. It was definitely fun.

In side news I made a donation to Doctors Without Borders and just wanted to mention them and their site for anyone that isn't familiar with them and their work. I'm also posting a link on the side of the blog if I can figure out how.

tuuli  tuulee : the wind blows
Lehtomäki : the area of town S Market is (could only find person with last name in forvo)
Lappeenranta : city where LUT, Niko's university is
ilma : weather
tie : road

...and for your viewing entertainment: America's Worst Driver


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