Thursday, March 17, 2011

Helsinki and Jytky Day

We went to Helsinki yesterday and there's really not much to report. It was my first time in the city and I can't say I was much impressed. Lots of construction, lots of car, taxi, bus, trolley traffic, lots of people, lots of English, lots of noise.That being said, the variety of restaurants are massive and all the food looks and smells good. Before I went to the Embassy we stopped by Wayne's Coffee where we ate muffins and drinks. The muffins were way sweeter than the standard muffin from America but it was still very tasty.

After getting out of Helsinki as soon as possible (wouldn't want to live there, wouldn't want to visit there), we went to IKEA. Which is extremely similar to the IKEAs from USA and Germany I have been to as they sell the same products and everything is still in Swedish. I did like the kitchens though, with the different stoves and ovens. We went to the cafe there and had some very good food for an even better price. I ate some spinach crepes. The Swedish market itself was small, but I suppose that's because it's not like you have to look further than the supermarket to find Swedish food here.

But when we got back from our trip we got a fantastic surprise! Our neighbor's name is Matti and he has this huge wonderful dog named Jytky. Always happy, and have I mentioned huge? When the dog walks in the elevator only one other person can stand in it too. I have run across Matti and Jytky many times when they go on their walks but I have never had my camera handy but I had it in the car from the Helsinki trip so I took advantage of the opportunity. So I present to you, Jytky.

päivä : day
muffini : muffin
iso koira : big dog
hissi : elevator

T. Kati

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  1. Jytky!! What a sweet and happy looking pup.